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Download Our APAC Alt Protein Industry Report 2022 – The Future is Asian

Download Our APAC Alt Protein Industry Report 2022 – The Future is Asian

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We’re running out of time to address the ecological & health ills of our time and we believe a circular economy, alternative protein and the food tech revolution are the solutions to our current climate crisis and the best way to advocate for global social and environmental change. Our mission is to shift consumer and corporate behaviour through our original, authentic, and groundbreaking content across Asia and beyond.

Founded by serial entrepreneur and environmentalist Sonalie Figueiras in 2011, Green Queen is a multi-channel digital news platform and a trusted global impact media brand. Our award-winning reporting reaches millions of readers globally. Green Queen is the world’s leading food and climate media with a focus on future food innovation and food system decarbonization, one of the most important consumer products and investment opportunities of our time. Our coverage includes breaking news and product launches, in-depth research and industry insights, and exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and key ecosystem players from every continent.

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