Is My Bed Vegan? Mattresses: The Final Eco Frontier 

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Most mattresses are not vegan, full of toxins, and are a huge letdown to the planet. Meet Heveya, the ethical sleep pioneer. 

Most of us don’t think enough about one activity we do for almost a third of our lives: sleeping. And many of us will never have considered the climate ethics of the mattress we lie on every night. But we’re here to tell you: it’s enough to lose Zzzs over.

You carry around reusable cups and cutlery, you march for the climate, you shop at second-hand fashion shops, you buy your groceries in bulk and you eat plants and beans that you buy in bulk, you volunteer at the local food bank…but have you ever thought about your bed and whether it’s ethical, vegan and good for the planet?

Turns out, there’s a landmine’s worth of wrongs your mattress is responsible for. 

Is my mattress vegan?

Shockingly, most mattresses out there are not vegan-friendly. They often contain wool (which comes from sheep) and feathers/down (which comes from birds), which are used as fillers. Not to mention that the toxic processes used to manufacture them are not animal (or human) friendly. This brings us to our next question…

Heveya’s vegan mattresses come in a range of sizes and are made from 100% GOLS-certified organic latex rubber foam.

Is my mattress non-toxic?

In our modern world, it’s almost impossible to escape toxic fumes and gases- we are all exposed in some way or another due to air pollution, flame retardants, VOCs in paints and transportation emissions. But from where we’re sitting (or lying), it makes complete sense to try to ensure that your sleeping environment is as non-toxic as possible. 

Sleep is when your body needs to restore itself on a cellular level. Why stress your system out with additional toxins from your bed? Many commercial mattresses are made from polyurethane/synthetic foams, polyester, synthetic materials, and chemical flame retardants. These substances release toxic fumes and gases, and many have been found to contain some level of PFAS, a group of chemicals associated with a range of health issues including cancer, liver damage, and infertility. All of this is damaging to us as sleepers, not to mention the air and water pollution toll. 

“I have been using the bamboo sheets and natural organic latex pillows from Heveya for quite some time now. The bamboo sheets are silky soft and very breathable. The pillows also support my neck really well and are very durable!” 

Longtime vegan Charlotte in White, photographer, stylist & author 
Heveya’s organic latex rubber foam pillows come in various shapes, are highly breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Why is natural rubber so good for beds?

Heveya’s mattresses are made from 100% GOLS-certified organic latex rubber foam, which is the healthiest, most sustainable material available on the planet when it comes to sleeping. Their rubber foam is free of pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs, toxic glues, and anything else that has a negative impact on your skin and breathing. In fact, their rubber is grown on the world’s first organic certified latex plantation.

Another thing no one talks about is where mattresses go when they die. Well, the answer is mostly: landfills. The majority of commercial mattresses cannot decompose naturally (well they can if you give them 1,000 years), so they are still sitting around somewhere. Heveya’s mattresses, on the other hand, can fully degrade and be recycled and repurposed. End of life is not just important for humans.

Save The World While You Sleep

‘Save The World While You Sleep’

From donating 1% of our sales towards charitable institutions to working with suppliers that are Fair Choice certified, Heveya is committed to an ethical supply chain through and through. But ethics are about more than logos on your packaging. 

For purposeful companies, it’s about getting involved with their local community, and for Heveya, that means working with the Sumbanese community on the Sumba island in Indonesia, Heveya sponsors the eco tourism-focused Sumba Hospitality Foundation, including helping to provide full boarding for underprivileged youths at the latter’s permaculture and green hotel schools. 

The company also sponsors the Happy Mattress Project, a Bali-based initiative that donates mattresses to households without beds. Kids without comfortable beds tend to experience learning difficulties and struggle with achieving their full potential. Just like adults, really. 

Heveya works with reforestation project Replant World to protect the Borneo rainforest.

Sleep That’s Pro Planet AND Pro Humans

What’s good for the planet is good for you and me. And that’s the motto Heveya has built their entire company around. 

Heveya knows that its success depends on where its beloved natural organic rubber foam comes from- and that’s the rainforest. The company has pledged to plant 12,000 trees a year in Borneo as part of a rainforest reforestation project in collaboration with Replant World, with a focus on planting native and endemic trees that enrich the soil, decrease erosion and absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

We have a climate crisis to fight and we need truly purposeful brands more than ever. We also need to sleep more, and better. Thanks to Heveya, achieving a restful slumber while upholding your ethical and environmental values is as simple as choosing your mattress size. Let’s get eco-sleeping!

Discover the greenest sleep in Asia with Heveya’s eco mattress and bedding collections. 

All images courtesy of Heveya.

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