Canned Food Pioneer Launches yumeat™, Asia’s Most Affordable & Versatile Plant-Based Protein Brand 

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Over the past few years, the average Singaporean’s food habits have gone through some major changes. Led by a younger generation that is more climate-aware than ever, two in five Singaporeans are now following a flexitarian diet, which means they are actively looking for ways to reduce their animal meat consumption. In parallel, almost half of the population is looking to incorporate healthier eating habits into their lifestyle. 

When Ayam Brand decided to develop a line of plant-based products to meet the needs of this new generation of health and environmentally-conscious Asian consumers, the multinational food company knew it wanted to design the most delicious products out there, formulated by Asians, for Asians in formats that its customers base could use every day in their preferred traditional dishes without any compromise in taste or convenience. Hence yumeat™ was born in 2022.

Affordable, convenient and easy-to-use

While many plant-based meat and seafood products are occupying the chilled and frozen sections in supermarkets, the company went a different way for its yumeat™ products.  As a long-time leader in the premium canned food space, it chose to launch shelf-stable cans and pouches that do not require refrigeration. This meant that the company could outperform its competitors in two key areas: convenience and affordability. 

While more and more Asian consumers want to move away from a meat-centered diet, the price of most alternative protein products remains a sticking point. With the recent rise in food prices and increasing inflation, competitive pricing is more important than ever. 

yumeat™ products are packed in long-life pouches and cans, which is why they are far more budget-friendly than many other plant-based meat brands. Their extended shelf life is an added bonus for busy parents and professionals who want a convenient pantry product, no thawing required, as the products are precooked and therefore ready-to-use. Additionally, they do not contain MSG or preservatives, and only clean ingredients are used in making all yumeat™ products. 

The luncheon products start at S$2.95 ($2.21), far less than other brands. A quick scan on Redmart’s website shows that similar plant-based luncheon meat products start at S$8.60 per 240g, and comparable plant-based minced meat packs start from S$4 (220g) to S$9.50 (350g), and all of these are either chilled or frozen. 

Clean-label, ready-to-eat and versatile

yumeat™ offers a range of plant-based luncheon, minced meat and minced meat with sauces. All products are created with the Asian home cook in mind and are optimized for regional dishes from Chinese to Thai to Malaysian cuisines. 

The ready-to-use products can be eaten hot or at room temperature. Their versatility for various cooking preparations is another major plus point: they can be steamed, grilled, baked, sauteed, stewed or fried.

Green Queen founder and editor-in-chief Sonalie Figueiras gave the range a whirl and here’s what she said: “As an avid home cook and working plant-based mum, I love how simple Ayam’s yumeat™ products are to use. I just need to add rice and veggies, or a bao bun, and I have a complete, high-protein meal to feed the family. Plus they are so affordable, not to mention convenient. I can keep them stocked in my pantry for whenever I need to prepare a last-minute dinner on a busy weeknight.”   

The products are sold in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and soon will be in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Stockists and availability can be found here

Healthy, delicious and protein-forward

Boasting a healthier profile compared to other meat alternatives on the market, the company’s luncheon meat and minced meat offer higher fiber, fewer calories, far less saturated fat, zero cholesterol, no MSG, no preservatives, and less sodium compared to other brands. The products are created by the same R&D team as other Ayam Brand products, are Halal-certified, clean-label and made from GMO-free soy, wheat and mushrooms. Consumers can enjoy antibiotic and hormone-free yumeat™ proteins in their favorite recipes, such as egg and luncheon meat breakfast sandwiches, luncheon fries, hot porridge and minced meat with chili bean paste. 

There are many upcoming new yumeat™ launches in Singapore, such as plant-based tuna in the brand’s signature flavors, baked beans with luncheon meat and other minced meats in Asian sauces. Follow along on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok) for the latest news and event details.  

Passionate about ESG

Ayam first began over 130 years ago, when Frenchman Alfred Clouet began importing and canning sardines to Southeast Asia. In 1900, the company won the gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris (1900) and was widely recognized as a canned food pioneer. Today, the company offers a wide range of products including canned fish, coconut milk, beans and cooking sauces and markets them across 30 countries including Asia, the US, Europe, Australia and Canada. 

The company is passionate about building its ESG profile and producing its food products responsibly. On the packaging front, all cartons used are made from recycled materials. Energy is another area where the company is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The products are made in a factory that uses renewable solar energy as well as electricity metering to help minimize energy waste.

These efforts have helped Ayam Brand earn a host of awards and recognition including Top Green Company in Asia at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award 2019 (ACES), a Merit Award by the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) and a Sustainable Product Award by SEAL in 2023. 

Thanks to literally a century’s worth of expertise in ingredient sourcing, marketing, distribution and production quality control, Ayam Brand is ideally positioned to grow yumeat™ into a global plant-based meat player that gives planet-forward consumers what they want: healthy foods that don’t break the bank or the planet.

This is a Green Queen Partner Post. 

All photos are courtesy of yumeatTM.


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